Monday, October 13, 2008

In the news today

Who says the the Iraq war wasn't about oil?
Iraqi Government plans to sell off oil reserves and access to 40% of it's oil fields to Western Petrol Corporations.

Dishonor roll: who are the culprits in the financial meltdown?

The NYT takes a look at Greenspan's legacy and the real magic of the market place.

Could Brooksley Born, head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission have prevented the financial crisis?

Paul Krugman wills the Nobel prize in Economic sciences. He has been warning of the financial crisis for years, and also has been a relentless critic of BushCo.

Heres one of his best columns, published on Slate.

and another on the current crisis in todays NYT.

make no mistake, stocks may have rallied today
but the only ones making any money
are the crooks who robbed us in the first place.
Notice how they smile today. You can just smell the money.

Glenn Greenwald on McCain campaign manager Rick Davis on Fox News this morning blantantly lying about Palin's "Troopergate" inverstigation findings.

Matt Tiabbi on McCains return to Rovian tactics.

more on extremism by the McCain Campaign on Slate.

and for perspective on election mudslinging The washington Post examines viscious campaign of the past.

And just in case you needed in more evidence of McCain's record on economics.

Obama may be ahead in the polls buy the election is still 22 days away. Salon points out ways McCain may still pull off a win.

GOP to the rescue! Gotta reign in those big spendin' Liberals!

Quote of the day:
"A poor man voting for a Republican is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders."
from rednecks for Obama.

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