Monday, November 24, 2008

Car Balk

The future of the big ass American car

Now, what to do with all those cars?

Make public art!

Last week the heads of the big three auto makers crawled to Washington (in their private Lear jets) to beg for bailout money. It's not the top notch cars they make they argue, its the bad economy and those naughty banks.

So, what are Larry, Moe and Curly cooking up for the pinched American consumer?

From GM: the Volt!
Available in 2010 at the slim cost of $40,000.
Real smart, huh?!

the 2010 volt (you can pretend it doesn't look just like a dumbed down Prius)

Here is the concept version of this soon to be classic every man's car.... (designed by gangsters)

From Ford: The Fusion Hybrid! Also available in 2010 for 27,000.
with all the style and grace a 1980 K car.

Oooh... Sexy!

And from Chrysler: Nada.
Hey Chrysler, how about revisiting a classic look?
Here a suggestion– remember the Ford Edsel?

Snazzy huh? You can do better! Think 12 cylinder.....

With foresight like this who can have confidence?
Look up any of the recent models of Ford, GM and Chrysler in Consumer Reports used car recommendations-
most are listed DO NOT BUY because of persistent problems. In other words, total crap.

These auto makers deserve nothing....
A bailout will only allow the current hopelessly corrupt management to cling to power. Let them go into bankruptcy, sweep out all executive and management stooges and all their cronies and let them restructure under chapter 7 or 11.
maybe build a smart car, now there's a concept!

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