Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Maps

U.S. counties that shifted toward the democratic party

U.S. counties by election margin. The lighter the color, the narrower the margin of victory

Election results by U.S. county. There's still an awful lot of red out there....

the key to remember here is population density...
many of the red counties have significantly smaller population densities

For Example: In terms of representation there is a ratio of 1-900 in wyoming as opposed to 1-900,000 (approx) in Southern California.
real fair, huh?
The original idea was to protect smaller and less populated states from being dominated by larger densely populated ones,
but it looks like the reverse has been the case in recent years.

wikipedia explains the concept of representational apportionment.

Explore the amazing interactive election maps at the Washington Post and New York Times and CNN.

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