Friday, November 7, 2008

Some People Never Learn

No surprise Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of them.

His solution to California's looming insolvency:
"His solutions include a number of significant spending reductions, the biggest of which is an immediate $2.5-billion cut from schools and community colleges. And state workers would be required to take a day off without pay each month, as well as to sacrifice two of their state holidays.

And the governor proposed canceling dental insurance for poor adults on the state's MediCal program and lowering subsidies to the aged, blind and disabled. California's welfare subsidies also would be reduced."

Read the whole LA Times article.

Let's hope the legislature has better sense. Also to look forward to: 10.25% sales tax.

Please remember, it is the REPUBLICANS who have wrought this financial crisis on the country, and
in California, Schwarzenegger's stubborn persistancy toward failed Reaganism policies.

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