Saturday, December 27, 2008


Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Corn Refiners Association.

I saw this on Food Network of all places.... I was shocked. You should be too.
(see video below)

High Fructose Corn Syrup has become increasingly unpopluar as more and more people wise up to lies and dangers of corporate "food products", and as the local and slow food movements gain influence. As a result sales are slipping.
Now the Agri-giants are pushing back with their own "studies that show HFCS is fine" and a raft of viral attempts to lull people back to the feed tube.

Annys Shin of the Washiongton Post responds.

This is part of what will sure to be a huge campaign. Don't be fooled!

CBS looks further in this report, and the NYTs here, Reuters here, and also in Natural News.

Just a few weeks ago Michael Pollan wrote an open letter to The President Elect about nominating a 'Secretary of Food' as opposed to another corporate stooge as Secretary of Agriculture. Instead we get another conventional appeasment—Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack. This could be much worse, but as it is it is NOT encouraging.
(Sign the petition for Michael Pollan as Secretary here!)

Mother Jones explains the disappointing logic.

Here is the Corn Refiners Associations' pedantic and insulting advert:

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