Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Reading is fundamentalist

Junior's salute to the American People

Karl Rove writes in today's WSJ that Bush is a book lover.

This really hard to swallow.

This is the same person who isn't interested in the news, and lets his cronies spoon feed the sweet bits to him.

Everything about this piece of... call it what you will... seems like convenient fiction.

According to Turdblossom, Junior read 95 books in 2006. That's right, NINETY FIVE.

Supposedly 51 in 2007. (of course Rove makes a point of noting he read more each year, but that slowdown could be attributed to Junior's presidential responsibilities.) Yuck, yuck.

I can't concentrate on 5 books in a year with all the stuff I have to do and I am to believe this assclown read 95?!

And we wonder why the country is in free fall?
Talk about asleep at the wheel.

Highlights include:
" Mr. Bush's 2006 reading list shows his literary tastes. The nonfiction ran from biographies of Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Carnegie, Mark Twain, Babe Ruth, King Leopold, William Jennings Bryan, Huey Long, LBJ and Genghis Khan to Andrew Roberts's "A History of the English Speaking Peoples Since 1900," James L. Swanson's "Manhunt," and Nathaniel Philbrick's "Mayflower." Besides eight Travis McGee novels by John D. MacDonald, Mr. Bush tackled Michael Crichton's "Next," Vince Flynn's "Executive Power," Stephen Hunter's "Point of Impact," and Albert Camus's "The Stranger," among others."

If he did indeed read all those books he obviously learned NOTHING.

I think it's all a ruse to bolster assholes "legacy."

But seriously, 95 books in one year? That is almost 2 a week.
Are we to believe that he has that kind of time on his hands?

Either way it is outrageous.

Oh, and how could I forget this delicious detail:
"Each year, the president also read the Bible from cover to cover, along with a daily devotional."

Now, isn't that just precious?

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