Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The World is Vampire

What a round of nasty, depressing news lately.

Just a few bits off the iceberg:
The Economy continues to freefall as Banks and Executives hoard bailout money.
That should come as no surprise.
Will there ever be any accountability for this?
Doesn't look like it.

Media Matters names FOX assclown Sean Hannity mis-informer of the year. Duh!

Time charts the top financial collapses of 2008.

Greenwald on the media coma over Cheney latest admission of war crimes. What do we get instead? Moral outrage over Elliot spitzer joining Slate as a columnist.
Priorities People!

Christian Science Monitor reports on Young Repbulicans "seeking a new kind of party" ?
I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Frank Rich on Blagodumbass, and Juniors legacy of corruption and failure. Sigh.

and MOST Distressing and EXTREMELY disappointing:
Obama selects wingnut Rick Warren to deliver inaugural invocation!

Why to liberals/progressives ALWAYS try to make pretty with the Religious fascists and Conservative blowhards?
So, even after nearly a decade of ruinous "Compassionate Conservativisms "take-no-prisoners raping of the country we have to smile and go along with this?

HRC and People for the American Way respond.

For those with INFINTE patience Bill Moyers offers insight in his brilliant Faith and Reason on PBS.

On a brighter note:
Elizabeth Alexander, Professor of African-American Studies at Yale University, to deliver poem for Barack Obama's inauguration.
A sample:

by Elizabeth Alexander

Corncob constellation,
oyster shell, drawstring pouch, dry bones.

Gris gris in the rafters.
Hoodoo in the sleeping nook.
Mojo in Linda Brent’s crawlspace.

Nineteenth century corncob cosmogram
set on the dirt floor, beneath the slant roof,
left intact the afternoon
that someone came and told those slaves

“We’re free.”

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