Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another delay

F4, Delayed for the millionth time.

Unfortunately, the final publication of Fluxion Issue 4 has been delayed again.
I'm in between Flash/Dreamweaver programmers once again, and once again reminded of how dependent I am for web expertise. It's not pretty.

For five years the Fluxion site/Issue 4 has been languishing, so whats another few weeks.... either way, I have no choice.

A word of advise to all young designers: LEARN FLASH/DREAMWEAVER. Print is truly dead. Almost all future "print" work will be virtual and multimedia in some form and have a web presence.
Not learning these programs years ago is the single biggest mistake I have made in my design career.

If I kept my promise not to post until the issue is online this blog would fade entirely away.

So, while I wait for a new programmer and final adjustments on the site I will resume posting.... hopefully this will be the last and shortest delay.

Thank you for your patience.

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