Thursday, February 5, 2009

AP accuses Shepard Fairey over photo reference

Huffinton Post reports. AP accused Shepard Fairey of unfair practices, seeks $$$.

AP is a corrupt media gatekeeper.
They supply the majority of the survivng news outlets in the country with their corporate filtered tripe. Now they are saying you need permission and must pay royalties to REFERENCE a photo?!!!

This is an attempt to curb the interpetation of the
FAIR USE media rights clause.

Fairey always said he referenced the photo, and never made a profit from it. Period.

The AP, however, probably paid the photographer a tiny one-time fee with an non-negoiatable buy out of all future rights— so who's exploiting who in that relationship?

Check your news source. If it comes from the AP it's slanted, sanatized, and serves only the interests of their corporate parent. Corporations seek to control free speech for their own purposes. This is not new.

Never trust a single source. Always compare to international media. AP is a corporate tool.

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