Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Socialisms is ur friend!

It's okay, Barney will lead the way...

Recently, republicians have been foaming at the mouth about Obama's Stimulus bill, claiming it is "socialism" (READ: BOO!! SCARY!) The only think more absurd than comparing Obama's economic plans with Soviet Socialism is the state of the GOP itself. (Go ahead let make that ass-clown Limbaugh your supreme leader....)

But seriously, there hasn't been an intelligent dialogue about Socialism in this country in ages, if ever. GOP memory isn't a fraction as good as their national symbol. Here's a reminder: Reaganist capitalism has failed (tax cuts for Richy-rich, trust the magic of the market, Deregulation, repeat until filthy rich)

Since Republicans don't generally respond to logic, reason, and a collapsed economy, then perhaps a rebranding is in order.
Maybe something a little more age appropriate to guide them along—imagine if socialism got a new symbol— like Barney!

Check out Joan Walsh's amusing blog post on socialism at Salon.
Some highlights:
"There is no 'truth' about socialism, there are truths; just as there is no socialism, but many socialisms."
"CNBC's crazy Jim Cramer recently called Obama a "Bolshevik," an even older, more obscure, more irrelevant slur."

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