Sunday, October 12, 2008

Party of Lies

"We are a prosperous nation with immense resources and a wide range of tools at our disposal ... We can solve this crisis and we will." —G.W.Bush junior

Such Bullshit.

Read this great column by Joe Conason at on bailout scam- and this piece about the future of capitalism in The Washington Post.

Historic plunge: Stocks have lost nearly 40% of their value in the last year.
Worst losses since the crash of 1929 that led to The Great Depression.

Now lets recap a bit. Our government lead by the three stooges: bush jr, paulson and berneke (lowercase intentional), with the help of congress, pass a nearly trillion dollar bill to bail out the financial sector. The Fed even starts giving the crooks the money so they can start lending again and what do they do? They start hoarding- trying to shore up their own power and position.... the exact opposite of what the bailout was designed to do..... am I surprised, should you be surprised? No....

Wall street has always been a self interest bunch of licensed thieves... this only further proves then the need to reclaim their pirated monies, convict them, toss them in jail and throw away the key.

and now junior has the audacity to ask us to remain calm and have confidence in the system? This coming from the person who help enable it's total collapse?

This is just more evidence of his (and his administrations) criminal incompotence.

Yet, will he and his cabal of loyal cronies be punished?
Highly doubtful... they will most likely waltz off into the sunset with all the money.
In the past this was the stuff of revolutions.
Not any more.

Not as long we have Wii, and ipods, and Tivo.... and time to git stoopid.

In the most perverse way possible Republicans have achieved some of the most far ranging goals- to prevent the furthering of a progressive agenda.
If the only way they can do this by destroying the world as we know it... well their fortunes may be dented but for the most part they will not be affected so, fine.

This what Reagon/Bush Republicansim has come to. This isn't conservatism, this is corporatist fascism.

Even as the corrupt investment houses were begging for a bailout they were giving themselves multimillion dollar bonuses....

In the final bail out package congress passed that added 140 BILLON in earmark spending- insane, ridiculous and excessive.... and shows no respect for those who are genuinely suffering.

What "confidence in the system" is this supposed to inspire?

And yet still barely any outrage on the part of the public.....

bush jr. and his Republican cronies have singularly reduced the Superpower status of the U.S.A. to that of a third world country.

I want people to remember that REPUBLICANS have lead us to this.

Yet they won't.

The Republicans will lose in November (even if they manage to steal it again).
They will magically become the party of fiscal responsibility.
Now that the country is bankrupt there really is no money for social programs... sorry.
Looks like we will have to cut Soical Security, Medicare, money for public education.... etc. etc..

We allow the worst mistakes to be repeated, and as long as we are entertained we shrug and go back to whatever we were doing....

and the stupid American public will forget that it the Repugs who have put us all in the crapper.... but as long as we are entertained (and I guarantee you entertainment will stay cheap) we will go along and soon enough they will ride the gravy train back to the white house and the whole mess starts all over again....

and so Rome fell.

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