Wednesday, October 8, 2008


In Bob Woodwards new book the "The War Within," the result of many interviews with Bush and others in the administration, detailing BushCo's failures and flumbers in Iraq, he mentions secret techniques used in to quell the insurgency.... very effective techniques... so effective that they can't be revealed....


Forget the surge.
He argues that these techniques that have been the REAL reason violence has been reduced... well this may be a glimpse of those
"secret techniques" which amount to nothing more than secret executions... and lots of them.

If true, it's beyond disturbing....

McCain keeps talking about "victory" in Iraq. The way he's talking about it is so 20th Century.... so not a part of our reality now.

There is no way to WIN in Iraq in the classical definition of the word.

The most defining feature of all the conflicts in the short history of the 21st centry including and since September 11 is that we are in uncharted territory– in terms of how attacks are carried out and how we can effectively respond and how to understand the forces that drive it.

If it's true the Iraqi government with our help is simply rounding up and executing suspected insurgents then BushCos whole rambling babble about bringing Democracy to the middle east- is another astonishing lie.

The legacy of American foriegn policy of the last 50 years is ruin. All too often It's been exploitive of those weaker than us and grandly over benefiting to ourselves and our allies.

conservative of course reject this observation, and offer such smoking turds of rhetoric as "they hate us for our freedoms!"

As long as we continue this course we are radicalizing more and more people who have been forced into desperation directly or indirectly by our policies....

and that is the real threat to our future, and the future of the civilized world.

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