Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Smarterest guys in the room

Stocks tumble again... world markets continue to lose value....

Dick Fuld (what a name!) your MAN IN CHARGE at the failed Lehman Bros.

At recent congressional hearings Rep. Waxman said of Dick Fuld and his ilk:

"Mr. Fuld takes no responsibility for the collapse of Lehman," Waxman said at the hearing. The committee obtained thousands of pages of e-mails and other internal Lehman documents that "portray a company in which there was no accountability for failure," Waxman added.

Fud, I mean Fuld, actually blames everyone but himself.

Is it really possible that these executives could really be SO clueless about the financial meltdown? I don't buy it.

So many news columnists, journalists and financial experts have been warning about the extreme public and private debt mounting and the sorry state of affairs in the investment and banking sector for years!

I'm not talking about extremists either, but people like Paul Krugman, Joe Conoson, Warren Buffet, among others.

Is it possible the wall street expletives aren't aware of the numerous and consistent concern that's been raised at least since the Iraq war got underway?

one must assume so... or that they too are incompotent morons.... also entirely possible.... being that avarice, decit and outright piracyin the name of profit is the most highly rewarded in the american system...

Congress has proven to be mostly useless, especially with the bailout bill packed with an extra 140 billion in unbelievable earmarks proves-but it is important to remember with the razor slim democratic majority it's nearly impossible to accomplish anything that goes against BushCo or standard bearing Republican "values" of deregulation and tax cuts- which gets connected to just about everything.

First Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, IndyMac, then Lehman, Merrill Lynch, AIG, Washington Mutual, Wachovia, and nearly 30 others failed just this year.

How long before it really reaches us, the average citizen? and when I say reach.. I mean when we are force to seriously curve our lifestyles?

I love how the BushCo made it so citizens can't declare bankruptcy, yet wall street assholes are getting the billions.... CRIMINAL. All that ensures is that they will stay rich.

They are still doing it- another 37 billion for AIg today.... like throwing more money as these worthless pirate companies is the answer!!


Save the PUBLIC. I'm no math genius and even I can see how severely these numbers
DON'T" add up.

So, who among the criminal suits and executives will pay?
Those who failed to provide leadership as this ship sank, those proven to have committed misconduct, they should all be fired. Including Paulson and Berneke.

Those proven to have fleeced and frauded the worst- they should lose EVERYTHING,
go to jail and do a lifetime of community service for this kind of disaster.

Politicians are all blathering it's not the time to name blame..... bullshit.

OH yes it is.... and it's time to get those bonuses back!

This nugget was satisfying.... Dick "It Wasn't My Fault" Fuld, the CEO of bankrupt investment bank Lehman Brothers, (seen here being heckled after testifying on Capitol Hill) was apparently punched in the face while working out in Lehman gym on the Sunday following the bankruptcy, according to CNBC's Vicki Ward.

looks like we don't have much recourse accept for taking satisfaction in random vigilante justice when some poor schmoe comes unglued...

real democratic.

And just in case you were wondering.... Mr Fuds... Fulds... bonus income since 2000 totals more than 55 million, with over 350 million in stock....

I'm surprised the angry mob hasn't punched more executive criminals.

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