Monday, November 3, 2008

Make it go away....please?

the face of election burnout

I can't take it anymore! (cue shrieking)
The election is almost over. But not yet.... and the last minute digs and accusations (mostly from the right) are really upsetting me.

When Obama criticises McCain he's talking about his Congressional record and his alliances with BushCo and their failed polices..... pretty outrageous huh?
Not at all like the fair and balanced attacks by tha McCain campaign and especially some of his more fervent supporters attacking Obama personally.... SOCIALIST! COMMUNIST! ANTICHRIST!

I guess sadly thats happening on all sides (just thinking of that Palin effigy that was hanged in West Hollywood last week)

I hit my overload after the last debate and have been trying to avoid more than a hint of news. but today I dared and it's already giving me panic attacks.

Heres the tip of the Iceberg:

Something thoughtful (yet scary): Today Paul Krugman wonders about the future of the GOP in his NYTimes column.

Something insane (by someone how should be ignored): Bill Kristol tries to salve dems on impending losses.... "GOP 4 eva y'all" also in the NYTimes.

And something so stupid you can help but look on in horror:
Fauxy news loudy predicts a BIG McCain win. So what if everybody else is saying Obama is way ahead in the polls. Fauxys got the inside scoop from Diebold... Fauxy also asks how can you tell who will win? ... by what kind of car you drive! now that's SCIENCE!

The only rational voices left are from the comics. Stewart, Colbert, and Homer Simpson.
Last night in the opening sequence of the Treehouse of Horror XIX Homer goes to vote. When he presses the Barack Obama button, the machine announces "One vote for McCain." Confused, he presses the Obama button again and again. The machine announces "Two votes for McCain. Three votes for McCain." Then suddenly the machine sucks him inside, beats him up, and spits him out onto the floor in a tangled mess. A poll volunteer puts a "I voted" sticker on his mashed forehead.


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