Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Two steps forward... One step back...

I am ecstatic over the election of Barack Obama.

Unfortunately my joy is overshadowed by the passage of the gay-marriage ban in California.
Unless there is a dramatic upset in the counting of the absentee ballots, which is possible but unlikely.

Every other anti-gay measure in the U.S. passed, so it was a big victory for small mindedness, ignorance, and fear.

If the Mormons like the Southern Baptists before them want so eagerly to be political institutions then TAX THEM.

These "good christian soldiers" have chosen to align themselves, historically speaking, with the same type of mindset of person who voted against the civil rights act, against immigration reform, against women's sufferage, and fought in the civil war FOR the right to own slaves.

Enjoy it while it lasts, assholes.

Had any of those issues been left to the popular ballot of their day they would all have soundly lost. Rights should not be up for a vote.
Twice the California legislature voted for a similar gay marriage measure.
Twice a Republican Governor vetoed it in service to the party line.
Then the California Supreme court ruled in favor of the right for same-sex couples to marry and the Right wing cried foul- claiming it was "activist judges legislating from the bench."
Oh I forgot, the courts sole purpose is to strike down regulations and assert corporate hegemony. Forgive me, please.

If there is any justice there will be a tidal wave of
discrimination lawsuits that should push right up to the Supreme court. That should be assuring, except that the High Court is stacked with idelogical wack jobs... who will likely vote in favor of discrimination, as idelogues do.
It will take years to find out.

So certainly if marriage is so sacred and holy the Mormons will now continue the push to purify it–
by leading the charge to BAN DIVORCE.

Right now I'd vote for that.

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