Monday, January 12, 2009

Clueless to the end...

junior had his last press conference this morning.
The only thing worse than the ULTRA LAME questions were juniors pathetic answers. It just reaffirms junior's status as a world class, five-star IMBECILE.

In today's Washington Post Bob Woodard, Bart Gellman and Gene Robinson have a roundtable discussion about the legacy of junior and his master Darth cheney )(lowercase intentional), take a xanax first....

Perhaps the most disturbing comment in the press conference, made flippantly even, was "the burdens of the office are overstated." He goes on to say he had "fun."


That insult aside,
I find the "the burdens of the office are overstated" comment astonishing.
No news service has repeated it. So far no transcript.... I would love to repeat a few more nuggets but was too flabbergasted by the "burdens..." one to focus enough to remember them accurately.
Am I alone in thinking that September 11 by itself would be a lasting burden on even the most minor person in a position of authority during that time?
Not to mention Katrina, the Iraq disaster, the forgotten troops in Afghanistan, the Abu Ghraib scandal, and most recently the deregulation fueled collapse of the financial system?!!!

I guess he was too busy with his Bible study and other reading.

Thinking about the financial collapse, 60 Minutes did an eye opening piece last night about the oil market- whose speculation influenced and drove up prices for for sheer profits... and most revealing... that it was cheney's pals at ENRON who got the market deregulated so they could manipulate it for their own profit!
"Why was the oil futures market deregulated? Michael Greenberger, former director of trading at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, says it was because of the influence of Enron. The once high-flying energy company went bankrupt and was accused of manipulating electricity prices. They were able to do so, says Greenberger, because controls on speculators were lifted. "When Enron failed, we learned that Enron and their conspirators who used their trading engine were able to drive the price of electricity up, some say by as much as 300 percent, on the West Coast," he tells Kroft.
Asked if traders were purposefully driving the price of oil up before the collapse, Greenberger said he didn't know, but that, "Every Enron trader who knew how to do these manipulations, became the most valuable employee on Wall Street."

Justice, anyone?

I just hope that there will be folks (most like directly affected by these unrepentant crooks) who will pursue through our so-called legal system, or just dog the S#@% out of the them for the rest of their miserable rotten lives.


A good roundup by Daily KOS

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